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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Cookie 

Obsessive Cookie Disorder Company (OCD COOKIE CO.) are both owned by husband and wife, Tracy and Mohamed Shaaban. OCD Cookies is a small Los Angeles online bakery that runs their business primarily over Instagram. We offer half-pound cookies that are available for shipment and local pick ups and has fared well in the time of socially distant dining. Since March of 2020, Tracy and Mohamed have been running OCD Cookies, an online-only bakery that operates primarily via Instagram. While many food purveyors have struggled in recent months to make their businesses comply with a socially distanced reality, OCD Cookies’ have always been a delivery-only business. That model has now proved itself crisis-proof.


Both owners are both Professional Bodybuilders in the IFBB Pro League. Both being competitive bodybuilders, their love for eating cookies and sharing what they thought to be “CARB-WORTHY CHEATS” with their fellow bodybuilders. Tracy is a full time science teacher and her love for science pours into her baking. She loves to explore the chemistry of baking cookies and investigate the science that's behind ingredients in your cupboard. Tracy is the professor of cookie creation. She is the Cookiefessor, the master chef behind all the unique, creative flavors. She did not grow up dreaming about a career in fitness nor did she ever think she would start an E-Commerce Cookie business either. It all happened by chance or what she now knows was fate.


Behind each extreme flavor, she asked herself , "Is this "Carb-Worthy" enough for her to intake all the additional carbs?!" It took lots of trial and error to find the perfect formula. The cookie with the right texture, size, gooeyness, and sweetness! All the things that she wanted out of an extraordinary cookie. Obsessively baking to finally make the perfect cookie, so there you have it! Her obsessive addiction to creating the perfect COOKIE! ​ The thing that sets us apart, of course,  is our product. We only use the finest and premium ingredients such as whole organic eggs, high quality butter, and consumer-rated best brands (i.e. Nestle, Ghirardelli, and Nabisco).


We are known for our XL, dense, soft, gooey, and extreme flavors! In all of our fruit type flavors, we use real true fresh ingredients, no artificial flavorings ( just color) and complex carbohydrates as sweetener. For example, our Ube flavor cookies has real fresh, peeled and boiled purple sweet potato (Ube), and our lemon flavors have real fresh squeezed lemon and lemon zest, and our Banana cookies have real bananas, and keylime pie cookies have real limes and real shredded carrots in the carrot cake cookies and so forth..... You can literally taste the premium, high quality goodness in each of our cookies. They aren't overly sweet or doughy in taste. Not like most typical sugar, floury cookie taste that you find with other companies. ​The “why” of our business is the desire to share the quality of the taste in the cookies, and make it worth the cheat! What we know as, Carb worthy cheats!​ All of our cookies are made to order, never pre-baked or stored. We pride ourselves with our freshly baked cookies, and the minute it comes out of the oven it is cooled, then packaged and shipped out the following Monday.

We try to ensure that our cookies arrive to you, the consumer, in the same condition as it leaves our kitchen. ​ We also donate 10% of all sales to Asian American Psychological Association. A non profit that helped Cookiefessor's Mother through her mental health illness of bipolar, manic depression and her family with coping with suicide as well. We also gift cookies to Bodybuilding shows, and front line worker. They try to give back to many other non-profit organizations and communities to spread awareness. ​They hope with time, as OCD Cookies grows, they can give more and give back to other communities in the world.  

We thank you all here at OCD Cookie Co for choosing us and taking the time to read a little about us!

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