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Nutritional Fact

Below are the nutritional facts on our 7 Original Classic Series flavors. We do not have nutritional facts on our monthly flavor roll outs because we are constantly changing them out.

We only use premium high quality ingredients in our cookies! We do not use any white sugar in the base of any of our cookies.


We use whole organic eggs, premium quality butter, the only chips we we is by Hershey's and Ghirardelli, no artificial flavorings only color to make it pretty, we use real fresh ingredients to create our extreme flavors such as banana, purple yams, lime, lemon, etc


Ex: real purple potato (Ube) to make our Ube cookies, bananas in our banana has cookies, real fresh squeezed lemons and limes in our lemon and keylime pie cookie, real shredded carrots in our carrot cake...etc!

Nutty Professor - Nutrition Label.png
U-Be Falling in Love - Nutrition Label.png
Cinnamon Toast Cookie - Nutrition Label.png
Vegan Oatastic - Nutrition Label.png
Netflix & Chill - Nutrition Label.png
Chunky Wonky Monkey - Nutrition Label.png
Everythang BUT the Candles - Nutrition Label.png
Vegan OG Chocolate Chip - Nutrition Label.png
Vegan Sweet Addiction - Nutrition Label.png
Vegan Cookieholic - Nutrition Label.png
Vegan Cinnamon Toast Cookie - Nutrition Label.png
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